Kickstarter Update #2: $250k reached! Green-light on Engineering Phase (ahead of schedule)!

Kickstarter Update #2: $250k reached! Green-light on Engineering Phase (ahead of schedule)!
Wow, thanks again for your support! $250k is a huge milestone!

We're ahead of our planned funding schedule so today we green-lit and committed funds to the Production, Engineering & Longevity Testing phase of development!

On our official timeline (which has now been updated) we intended to commit to this phase after the campaign as it's quite expensive, but we're taking every opportunity to future proof our delivery schedule so this puts us a whole month ahead of plans.

This phase takes 4-6 weeks so it'll provide some great updates to share towards the end of the campaign. We can't say right now that we'll be shipping sooner, but we are building safety into the production plan to ensure we fulfill pledges on schedule.

On our task list for engineering are the notes we have in our campaign:

Whipr base unit

  • General improvements to the anchor system
  • Make it lighter, quieter, smoother and have more variability in resistance (similar resistance to full sized rowing machines on the market)
  • Digital screen programming
  • General refinements throughout
Rowing accessory

  • Eliminate a slight wobble at high intensity loads by increasing rigidity of the mounting system and adding fold out stability feet to the rear of the track
  • Improvements throughout for quick disassembly
  • Improvements to foot cup and strap system
  • Improvements to seat position
  • Better, smaller and padded seat
Paddle and ski accessory
  • A few slight refinements throughout but these are already great
  • Longevity and destruction testing 

A lot of comments have asked about whipr's lifespan. Our longevity and destruction testing starts now with materials but won't be fully complete until after the molding and production line rollout. That said, we'll have updates to share well before then, and if there's ever a question of "should we use product/material A or B" we'll always make the choice that increases the strength and lifespan of our whipr products.

Thanks again for this terrific milestone and for your continued support!


Luke Tipple, Whipr Founder & CEO

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