Kickstarter Update #3: I'm speechless. $500k in 2.5 days is incredible. Stretch goal and freebies unlocked!

Kickstarter Update #3: I'm speechless. $500k in 2.5 days is incredible. Stretch goal and freebies unlocked!

I just sat and watched the sunset with my wife and remarked how lucky and fortunate we are that we're building such a strong community who believe in whipr as much as we do. That's not some sappy marketing, it's just what happened and I'm writing this to tell you all how because I want you to know how much this means to us and how commited we are to this product and company. You have our deepest thanks. We won't let you down.

Ok, enough sap, let's get to business. Yay! $500k in 2.5 days is absolutely amazing. This unlocks the next stretch goal! It was requested by Bob from San Diego who wants to use two whipr stations to train open ocean swimmers and triathletes.

Having personally run the shark safety program on Diana Nyads record breaking swim (and the ones that didn't end so well) from Cuba to Florida I've seen first hand the results of solid training and how hard open ocean swimmers work on their craft. Also, being surfers and prone paddlers we're stoked on the idea of paddle training. So, Bob, you got your wish! The swim and surf accessory is officially in development and we're going to fast track in order to deliver it along with this campaign. We'll provide updates along the way and plan to have renderings and perhaps a prototype by the end of this campaign. It's not overly complicated and won't delay whipr's original schedule or commitments.

All pledges with two whipr base stations, that are made during this campaign, will receive the accessory free!

And for clarity, if you backed 4 base stations, you'll get 2 accessories.

There's plenty of good reasons to buy two base stations, but here's two:

  1. Right now they're the cheapest that they're ever going to be, and
  2. Two base stations enable isolated arm resistance. Surfing, swimming, kayaking and isolated arm skiing are now possible

If you're already a backer and this tips you over the edge into wanting two whipr base stations you simply have to adjust your pledge by going in to your account, clicking modify pledge, and adding $199 to the total. Again, a post campaign survey will confirm your selection.

So, as this campaign is charging ahead I want to reassure you that our team absolutely has the capacity to meet the scale. There's no concerns about timing or development on my, or my teams', behalf on whether we're sending out two thousand or ten thousand units. More pledges doesn't equal delays.

So please, go ahead and share this with your friends and have them jump onboard. The more campaign funds we raise the more I can commit to developing some of the great suggestions that have been made... I'm going to have to think about what a $2 million stretch goal looks like (I've got a feeling and it probably connects to your phone/watch :)

That's it for now, I'm going to go jump in on the comments again.


Luke Tipple, Whipr Founder | CEO

PS. I'm trying to get to all the comments, if I miss one please forgive me. If you have an urgent question please message me directly.

PPS. Yes Caleb, you're the coolest ;) Thanks so much mate!!

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