Kickstarter Update #5: $1M funding in 5 days... what that means and where we're going!

Good morning or evening everyone, where-ever you are. I'm writing with a great deal of gratitude and feelings of responsibility for whipr and to the backers making this all possible. $1m was always my private goal to hit within the scope of the campaign, to hit $1m in funding within 5 days is simply amazing.

We've of course planned for what may happen with much greater funding and the logistics/production challenges it will yield and I'm so pleased to now be having those discussions with my parters. Our production plan is looking strong and ahead of schedule, no matter what the final funding numbers may be.

Thank you so much for helping us to achieve such a significant milestone!

Next stretch goals

Shortly (today) I will send out a survey that asks you to help me choose the next stretch goal(s), but first, some background. I'm sure you can appreciate that whipr is not a cheap machine to develop or build, we have close to 1/2 a million invested in development and production and the machine itself doesn't skimp on quality parts. It's built to last.

In order to be fiscally responsible and deliver on your expectations I must ensure that we plan appropriate funding to support any variance in our manufacturing process and also offer post campaign support. I definitely don't want to leave you hanging after whipr is delivered!

As such, choices need to be made with respect to where our sights are set... whether it's towards additional development, post campaign support, more accessories etcetera. I'd love to green-light every great idea in the comments and emails but I think we'll have to set our sights on one or two of the most popular ones.

Please help me out by responding to the survey.

Thanks again so much for the support, we won't let you down.


Luke Tipple. Whipr Founder | CEO


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