Kickstarter Update #7: Big update! Bluetooth integration

Kickstarter Update #7: Big update! Bluetooth integration
TL/DR - we're getting bluetooth, but keep reading please :)

Thanks to everyone for responding to our survey! It really helped guide our future development process and learn what is important to you. Below I cover developments from a few of the answers and a future update will cover the remaining questions we asked.

But first, a quick personal note and company stance.

I take this process with great responsibility. It's critical to me personally to use Kickstarter as an incubation chamber where we can learn more about what people want and which direction we should develop.

Just as important, we're not just building a product, we're building a company. I've seen too many Kickstarters raise a ton of money and either fail to deliver or collapse after doing so due to poor financial planning. Neither situation benefits you, the backer, as you're left (hopefully) with a product but no customer care, no spare parts, no future development. I refuse to let that happen. Delivering our product and fulfilling our promises are of the utmost importance.

So, guided by more than 1600 responses, here are the big updates:

Stretch Goals

I found this a really interesting result. Most of you seem to like them and we hear you, but are also happy to get what you paid for without the extras. That really helped decide on the following developments...

Ground Anchor

We will be offering a free ground anchor, to anyone who wants one, for every backer that helps us get to $1.5M in funds raised. I committed to that from the start and will stay true to that. Backers getting in after that point can purchase the ground anchor at close to cost as a post campaign add-on (probably $10-$15). If you don't want or need one (as many people indicated), great, it'll save a bit in shipping so just decline it in our post campaign survey.

At the rate we're going we'll unlock this goal in the next couple of days and I look forward to announcing it!

Bluetooth Integration

You spoke, we listened. Whipr will have available bluetooth integration! In fact, we just today brought on an advisor to help us integrate the bluetooth protocol.
Jeroen Molinger is, among other things, an Operational Program Director at Duke University Medical Center and Chief Science Officer for SplendoHealth in the Netherlands. Their programming allows for very advanced use of Bluetooth protocols and they're an official Garmin partner, so if you ask "will it work with my..." the answer is probably yes :). Jeroan will also be consulting with us to adapt whipr and its bluetooth integration for recuperative care and rehabilitation for post-op and injured patients. We see great potential to help people in the medical field and look forward to where that may lead in the future. Welcome to the team Jeroen!

Financially, this is a big commitment so we've done the math and, since the development is quite expensive, I'm setting the stretch goal for its integration at $3 million. As a company, that will give us enough funding to build the necessary digital technology and integrate bluetooth into our screens. The funds raised will cover a lot of the cost, but we'll still need to give you the option of bluetooth as a small upgrade in order to stay fiscally sound.

Bluetooth integration will be an upgrade available to all backers at every level as a post campaign add-on of around $10. There's no need to adjust pledges now, please wait for the post campaign process.

Also, it's important to add that integrating Bluetooth into our hardware will not delay production, however there may be a delay between receiving your whipr and the release of our app and api. Of course we will keep you in the loop with regular updates.

I hope this update is good news for everyone, I know we're very excited here at whipr.

Thank you all for your amazing support.


Luke Tipple, Founder | CEO Whipr Inc.


  • Phil

    In this blog entry, you said, "[…] you’re left (hopefully) with a product but no customer care, no spare parts, no future development. I refuse to let that happen. "

    As of today (April 19, 2021), 244 days have passed. No spare parts are listed on the website. What exactly is going to happen if I leave one of my rower legs on a business trip? Am I SOL — do I have to purchase an entirely new rower assembly?

    Did you change your mind, or are you going to actually deliver on your promise? Where’s that parts price list?

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