Update #10: Updates and a word of thanks for $2m in funding

Update #10: Updates and a word of thanks for $2m in funding

It's incredible to see such overwhelming support for whipr coming from the Kickstarter community and we are so stoked to have raised $2m in funding. Thank you all so much! This is a terrific position to be in for everyone as it allows us to invest further into the technology and build a better product that will deliver on time.

So, we always knew whipr was a great product, but Kickstarter has made it so much better! We've heard from so many people... messages of hope, stoke and a bit of (usually) constructive criticism too.

And you know what? We're listening.

It's super great to hear the positive stuff but it's also important to listen to your feedback and make adjustments and improvements as necessary in order to deliver the absolute best product possible. We want whipr to be a long term part of your health and fitness strategy and we can't wait to see it put to work!

Thanks to you and this campaign, so far we have:

  • Added modalities for swimming/surfing and had the funding to not only develop the accessory but give it away as a bonus to anyone backing two base units.
  • Started the work necessary to integrate bluetooth into whipr base units. We've officially set this as a $3m stretch goal but, since the programming and integration takes 500+ hours, we already have the right people working on it so it won't delay fulfillment (the most important thing).
  • Made small but important changes to the base unit, like thinking through user serviceable parts, improving both anchors, more variability in resistance, increasing the size of the air vents and maximizing the internal cooling mechanics.
  • Green-lit and moved up the timeframe on engineering and testing by over a month, saving valuable time and building further safety into our production plan (side note: our testing includes setting up multiple whipr base units and having robots "row" for over a week straight!)
  • Made improvements to the rower frame to enhance ergonomics and increase structural rigidity throughout. When we launched we acknowledged that there would be an updated design to the prototype but, thanks to user feedback, we've also been able to do things like add an option to fix the rower seat in place for dragon boat paddlers, kayakers and (importantly) people with disabilities. Final engineering is wrapping up and we'll be updating you later this week.
  • Started planning for production of several user requested items like wall mounts for the base unit and ski accessory. These will be priority #1 after shipping and you'll very soon have many options for mounting and using whipr outside of the use cases we initially planned.
  • And (spoiler alert) ... put into development a kayak paddle accessory with Black Project which will be available as a post campaign add-on (more on this in another update but, if you're interested, you'll need two base units for it to work) 

This is an awesome day for our team and we are so grateful to all of you for backing us so far.

As the campaign continues, know that we're committed to investing profits back into the whipr ecosystem to make sure we deliver the best product possible. We're also investing in expediting the production process so as there are no delays in our timeline. Our priority is making sure your rewards are fulfilled on schedule.

Thanks again, you're all awesome in my book.


Luke Tipple, whipr founder & ceo


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  • Brett

    Love this idea. I’m backing this and excited to row. When is the target date for completeion?

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