whipr. How it began & where it's going.

whipr. How it began & where it's going.

My name is Luke Tipple, creator and CEO of whipr. My formal training is as a marine biologist and shark diver. I'm originally from Australia and now living in San Diego California. You might have seen me on Discovery channel chasing sharks around the globe and teaching people about science or on network tv hosting survival gameshows.

Whipr was born out of necessity, my work in the water and on TV takes me all over the world so I’m constantly living out of hotel rooms and stuck on boats in the middle of the ocean. I’d get super fit before heading out on trips but it was hard to maintain fitness on the road, particularly when it comes to cardio.

Now, my favorite all over fitness activity is stand up paddling. Done correctly it’s a brutal workout that burns fat, builds muscle and develops full body cohesion and connectivity. It’s simply one of the most fun and efficient workouts that exists, probably second only to cross country skiing which I also like to do in the winter. So I found myself on the road one day thinking, why can’t I just get paddle fit wherever I want to? I searched around for a portable rowing machine, a sup machine or ski machine and found that nothing existed, so I built one that does all three.... well, technically I dreamed it up and the awesome engineering team I commissioned made it come to life.

Whipr is a revolutionary ERG fitness machine and, honestly, it’s a category killer because now you can say goodbye to big, bulky rowing machines that only do one thing. Whipr has three primary modalities: Stand up paddling, sit down rowing and cross country skiing. Up until now, ERG machines have been big, bulky things that you can only use in a gym, or maybe at home if you have the space. They’re limited to one modality and you certainly can’t travel with them. That is, until now.

Whipr measures 6 inches by 6 inches and weighs around 5 pounds. It’s built with industrial strength materials and its travel friendly size makes it easy to throw in your bag and go.

On the front we have the cable, a digital screen to measure your reps and distance, and a pump that inflates and deflates the door anchor. On the back is the inflatable door anchor as well as an accessory port that enables whipr to be attached to any solid object. You can use this machine in a hotel room, your bedroom, at the park or pretty much anywhere you like. I mean, since it doesn’t rely on gravity you can even use this thing in space!

To use whipr simply place it on the ground, engage the anchor, attach an accessory and get to work. In horizontal mode it simulates the feeling of stand up paddling or sit down rowing. In vertical mode it simulates cross country skiing. There are also over a dozen isolation exercises that you can do, just like with a cable machine at the gym.

Whipr comes with a range of patent pending accessories that enable each modality. They are all designed to be compact, portable and bulletproof. We have a custom built sup handle that collapses to fit in a roll on bag, a proprietary fold down rowing seat and track, and a pulley rig that slots over the top of a door to enable cross country skiing. Some of these are still being prototyped but pictures will be posted soon.

Right now the whipr base unit is fully prototyped and ready for production. The accessories are only a week or two away and we'll be going to Kickstarter at the beginning of August.

I hope you enjoy learning about whipr and that I can count on your support during out launch. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.


Luke Tipple


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