Whipr pricing and launch date announcement

Whipr pricing and launch date announcement

GOOD NEWS! We’re excited to announce both our launch date and pricing for whipr, the worlds first 3-in-1 paddle, ski and rowing machine designed to be stored next to your sneakers.

First up, we’re launching at 8am EST on Tuesday August 11th.  The best deals will be limited in quantity and we expect that they’ll be sold out on day 1 so make sure you get in early.

Now for our pricing… since we’ve seen a massive demand for whipr we’ve decided to reduce both the future retail price and the kickstarter launch price. The retail price of the base unit will be $349, but if you back us early on Kickstarter you’ll score whipr for $199 (that’s a 43% discount!!)

You may choose to purchase just the base unit or add accessories to it which will be priced between $50 and $90. Adding all three paddle/ski/row accessories will cost our early backers just $200, with an all in package price of $399. To get the same functionality from comparable fitness machines would cost you at least $3000+!

Make sure you sign up for our announcements on the home page to score the best deals. 

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  • Alison Parkin

    Wondering the price for the individual components particularly the rower

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