Whipr works with Holofit - free extended trial with every purchase

whipr virtual reality rowing

We're excited to announce that HOLOFIT (the best virtual reality rowing program on the market) is now fully compatible with Whipr's rowing function**.

In partnership with HOLOFIT we have a special 30% discount on the HOLOFIT yearly subscription for you. 

To take advantage of this offer you should:

  1. Install HOLOFIT on your Oculus Quest: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/app/2853664488067174/?utm_source=oculus&utm_medium=share
  2. Launch HOLOFIT, create your account, write down the 5-digit code (you’ll need it soon), and try the free demo
  3. Head here, log in with your account (that you have created in the VR app) and get a full year of HOLOFIT with a 30% percent discount
  4. In the “register your headset” field, input the 5-digit code to connect your headset to your membership
  5. You’re all set!

If you are already a HOLOFIT member, just head to myholofit.holodia.com, log in with your account, select “manage billing” in the top right corner, click “update plan”, switch to yearly and enter the promo code “PROMO30”, and click apply and then save changes to purchase a full year of HOLOFIT with 30% off.

Every HOLOFIT membership starts with a 7-day free trial, and if you need more time than that we have an additional treat for you. You can extend your free trial period to 30 days just by writing to support@holodia.com and asking for Whipr customer trial extension.

**Requires HOLOFIT software version 2.1.10