Current shipping status

Last updated: Dec 1, 2021.

Historic shipping congestion and supply chain demand has resulted in significant delivery delays. That situation however is close to being resolved and we have inventory outbound worldwide.

All Kickstarter, Indiegogo and pre-ordered product has shipped from our factory to a third party shipping agent in Hong Kong. They are responsible for custom packaging orders and shipping to customers doorstep by ocean or air. 

Order tracking:

This applies to pre-orders only. 

Where possible we will provide status updates accessible via the track my order page. Status is not real time and is often 10-14 days old.

Individual tracking numbers are only applied after the cargo is offloaded in the destination country. It is very possible you will receive your product before we send you a tracking number.

    Current status for pre-orders:

    • Total estimated shipping times from the date of first shipping notice vary from 2 to 4 months. The first shipping notices were sent at the beginning of September 2021. This is an increased shipping time of 4-10 weeks more that was originally expected. This is purely the fault of port congestion and lack of workers in the supply chain.
    • We do not have live tracking available while your product is at sea, when we can we will provide a tracking number for the ship.
    • Air shipments have started again. Couriers are restricted to picking up between 300 and 500kg per day depending on destination. We're told all air shipments will leave the facility by the end of November. 
    • The majority of orders to major hubs in the USA, Canada, EU and UK and will be delivered within November or by the end of December.

    Container status by region and number:

    USA 1 TRHU6753079 All parcels delivered by FEDEX
    USA 2 YMMU6210070 All parcels delivered by FEDEX
    USA 3 TGBU4484336 All parcels delivered by FEDEX
    USA 4 YMMU6371500 Arrived US warehouse, awaiting tracking
    USA 5 EMCU9835728 Out for FEDEX delivery
    USA 6 EGHU8349373 Container arrived US warehouse, working on tracking and labelling.
    USA 7 TRHU5941636 Fully released, scheduled to arrive the terminal on 3rd Dec
    USA 8 NYKU4281923 Fully released, scheduled to arrive the terminal on 3rd Dec
    USA 9 TLLU5607210 ETA 14th Dec
    USA 10 BMOU5224387 In transit via vessel ONE SWAN
    CANADA 1 GLDU9351579 Container arrived and unloaded. Tracking numbers pending.
    CANADA 2 LTL* Tracking data delayed - added per order when provided
    EU/UK** 1 KOCU4623601 ETA 28th Dec
    EU/UK** 2 NYKU5289512 ETA 26th Dec
    EU/UK** 3 HDMU6863612 ETA 27th Dec
    AU/NZ 1 LTL* Tracking numbers provided on individual basis as made available.


    *LTL: Less Than Load. Ocean shipments that do not take up a full container. Shipments picked up by courier subject to container space availability. Tracking data per order is provided by courier on a delayed basis.

    **UK orders are first shipped to the EU and received by a warehouse in Lithuania. From there it is scanned into the last mile providers system and trucked to the UK.

    An overview of the shipping process and times by region:

    This applies to pre-orders only.

    The total delivery time from time of shipment notification to doorstep is currently dictated by shipping vessel availability and port congestion. The following are general time-frames provided by our shipping agents and are subject to change:

    USA ~ 2-4 months Between Oct 2021 & Jan 2022
    Canada ~ 3-4 months Between Dec 2021 & Jan 2022
    Australia ~ 3-4 months Between Dec 2021 & Jan 2022
    EU & UK ~ 3-4 months Between Dec 2021 & Jan 2022
    Airmail locations ~ 2-3 months Shipped by end November 2021


    The following is a description of the shipping process with approximate times.

    Order shipped Product ships from our warehouse to distribution center. This was all completed in two phases at the end of August and the end of September ~1 week transit factory to distribution center
    Pack and Pick Bespoke packages are built for each customer based on their order configuration. There were over 720 different combinations packed in this campaign. ~1-4 weeks depending on backlog
    Container Load Container loading and transit to ship ~1-3 days
    Container In transit Container is loaded on to ship ~1 day-2 weeks depending on space booked.
    Container Sailing times Ocean US sailing ~16 days
    Ocean EU sailing ~38 days
    Ocean CA sailing ~32 days
    Ocean AU sailing ~22 days
    Container Unloading Unload container from ship ~ 2 days to 4 weeks depending on congestion
    Customs Clearance of customs ~ 7-14 days depending on congestion
    Transfer Port to Warehouse ~3-5 days
    Transfer Unloading container ~2-3 days
    Last Mile Delivery label / order processing ~3-5 days
    Last Mile Courier delivery to address ~2-10 days depending on courier