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whipr is the world’s first 3-in-1 paddle, cross country ski and rowing machine specifically designed for travel and home gyms. whipr was built to provide the solution for people who are looking for a space effective solution to multi functional cardio equipment in their home gym, or for road warriors who want to work out on their terms, wherever they are.

By combining three of the most calorie burning, fat shredding and muscle building activities we've eliminated the need for big, bulky and expensive rowing machines and ski-erg machines. Added to that we've added stand up paddle training to make the the ultimate, patent pending cardio machine that you can use literally anywhere.

Measuring just 6"x6" (16x16cm) and weighing around 5lbs (2.6kg), whipr is highly portable. Built with commercial grade construction it's ready for everything you can throw at it and will stand up to years of use.

The three modalities are enables by proprietary accessories that are also available with the base unit. Stand up paddling uses a custom built three piece paddle shaft that collapses to fit in a roll on bag, cross country skiing uses a set of pulleys that attached to the top of any door and packs down to the size of a small umbrella while the rowing accessory also folds down to make extremely efficient use of space.

whipr has been engineered to the highest standards and is ready for tooling and production. Whipr Inc will launch the product on Kickstarter in August 2020 with discounts of up to 40% off the recommended retail price of $399 with delivery expected within 4-5 months.

Downloadable images

Conditions of use: images must be credited to whipr.com and carry a descriptive line noting that the images are of the prototype unit.

Front of whipr base unit showing digital screen for workout tracking and real time metrics; pull rope and anchor inflate and deflate buttons.

whipr side view

Side of whipr base unit

whipr rear view

Rear of whipr base unit showing both the inflatable anchor and hard point webbing anchor.

whipr rear-top view

Rear top of whipr base unit showing resistance adjustment wheel.

About the creator

whipr was invented by Luke Tipple, a marine biologist and shark diver from Australia. He spends a large portion of the year on the road and in hotels and was looking for a way to replicate the workout he gets from competitive stand up paddle-boarding while away from the water and his boards. whipr was at first designed to simply replicate stand up paddling but as development progressed, Luke and his team realized that by changing up the accessories it could also be used to replicate rowing and cross country skiing. With this development was born the worlds first 3-in-1 ERG machine. When he's not chasing sharks and hosting tv shows for Discovery Channel Luke lives in San Diego with his wife Aria and three year old daughter Kailiana.

whipr inventor and CEO Luke Tipple