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How whipr started

We wanted to get paddle fit wherever we were. No options for portable rowing or paddle machines existed, so we built one.

How whipr launched

Whipr launched in August 2020 and became the #2 highest funded fitness Kickstarter in history raising $3,511,060 from 9,100 backers. To date we've sold over $5.4m in product.

Where whipr's going

We're now in production and will deliver product to over 12,000 customers in mid 2021. Pre-orders are still available at a significant discount for first run delivery.



Build your whipr package

Build Your Own Package
$349 $262 Pre-order and save 25%
🚚 Today's orders ship May 15th

Whipr Base Unit

+ Choose your own accessories

Row Package
$788 $568 Pre-order and save 25%
🚚 Today's orders ship May 15th
  • Base Unit
  • Row Accessory
Paddle, Ski & Row Package
$1,056 $754 Pre-order and save 25%
🚚 Today's orders ship May 15th
  • Base Unit
  • Paddle Accessory
  • Ski Accessory
  • Row Accessory

Complete Whipr System
$1,858 $1,320 Pre-order and save 25%
🚚 Today's orders ship May 15th
  • 2 x Base Units
  • Paddle Accessory
  • Ski Accessory
  • Row Accessory
  • Swim Accessory
  • Kayak Attachment
  • Kayak Paddle
  • Ankle cuffs
  • Rubber handles
  • Half ball trainer

"I couldn’t be more excited about whipr and I’m proud to be a part of it. Having reliable equipment that can go anywhere I need it is a complete game changer."

Rich Froning Jr

4X crossfit games champion, Fittest man in history, whipr advisor & partner

"I am amazed at how portable and functional it is for its small size! I will definitely be taking it anytime I go on a trip!"

Tasia Percevecz

2 X CrossFit Games Team Champion, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

"Super excited about this! It fits in your suitcase! I spend most of the year on the road so to be able to do an effective workout in my hotel or Air bnb is epic”

Connor Baxter

Stand up paddle phenom, Gold medal winner, 18 x world champion

"I'm really looking forward to testing out whipr. The versatility, small footprint, & price point, make this an excellent option for those who want to train at home or on-the-go with flexibility.”

Lisa Munyon

Rowing & Nutrition Coach, Concept2 Rowing World Record

“I couldn’t believe how compact it was and can’t wait to take advantage of using it on the go and having an advantage that most people won’t be able to have for my fitness goals ! “

Luke Parker

Mayhem Athlete, Bachelorette contestant, Social media influencer

FTMS Bluetooth enabled

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Get paddle fit, anywhere


Customize your setup

Full body training

Ski Mode

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Customize your setup

High stroke rate

Dragon Boat & Canoe

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Kayak Mode

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Dryland training

Swim & Surf

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is whipr?

Whipr is the world’s first portable multi-sport ERG training machine. It's essentially a miniature rowing machine minus the rails.

With whipr you can Paddle, Ski, Row, Kayak, Canoe, Dragon Boat, Swim, Surf & more.

It's specifically designed for travel and home gyms.

What does it do?

whipr is an 'ERG' machine, otherwise known as an ergometer. An ergometer is simply a machine that measures effort. Rowing and ski machines are usually ERG machines.

Most ERG machines are single function, like a rowing machine, where as whipr has multiple functions (modalities).

How do the modalities (functions) work?

Good question. Let's get into it:


To start with whipr needs to be secured using one of two anchor methods. The first is the inflatable anchor that is built in to the back of the device. By sliding this under a door (or fixed object with a clearance of less than 3/4") and inflating it using the pump button on the front, whipr will securely lock itself in place. The second method uses a removable anchor hook that is positioned on the back and a webbing strap. The webbing is passed through the hook and around a fixed object like a tree or a fence post. Once the webbing strap is cinched down it is now locked in place and ready to work.

Choose your function

Once whipr is secured you simply have to decide which activity you'd like to do by selecting one of our accessories. Whipr comes with a range of patent pending accessories that enable each modality. They are all designed to be compact, portable and bulletproof.

Why is it so small?

We built it to be both suitable for travel as well as for convenient storage.

Our secret is in decoupling the actual gear drive that provides resistance from the traditional rail system that defines a rowing machine. If you imagine a rowing machine that has had the seat and rail removed, leaving only the fan/resistance unit, that's the beginning of whipr. We then went through an exhaustive engineering process in order to shrink it down to a footprint that was suitable for travel and convenient storage. This is what we call the 'base' unit and it forms the core of the whipr ecosystem.

Can I get one now?

We will be shipping product in April-June 2021 to our pre-order customers. Once we have inventory you'll be able to purchase them through this website.

What if I only want one accessory?

No problems. The whipr "base unit" is the actual resistance machine. Our range of accessories are added to it to enable the modalities. The accessories enable multiple modalities and are available either singularly or bundled together.

Why are the prices here different than on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

We offered a substantial discount to our initial backers in return for believing in the product and company. Thanks to them, whipr is now a reality. Those discounts will not be repeated.

Have you tested it with professional rowers?

Yes, we've have professional athletes of all disciplines working on whipr from the start.

Whipr features and benefits


No other ERG machine in the world can deliver as many modalities as whipr. We're simply in a class of our own... but we play well with others.


You don't need to pay too much to get fit. Our 10 modalities can be purchased for less than half of a Pelaton.


No more rowing machines pretending to be "furniture". Whipr's compact footprint is perfect for home use. Get a full sized workout, pack it down in seconds and store it next to your sneakers.


Using the latest FTMS Bluetooth technology whipr connects to your phone & tablet to monitor and log your workouts. Compete with your friends by uploading to Strava.


Get trained and motivated by the best! We have some of the top athletes in the world filming free "to our user" videos using whipr's many modalities.


Grab your VR goggles and paddle, ski, row and swim your way through virtual worlds. Whipr connects to VR training apps like Holofit and Swelldone. *some features still in development.


Real-time performance stat tracking that is perfect for keeping you motivated and engaged. Review your logs and see how you improve over time.


The only multi functional ERG cardio system on the planet that goes where you go. The paddle/row/ski system fits in a suitcase without paying overweight charges.