Notice to backers

Hello Backers,

Today we are launching a “Backers Only” liquidation sale of the inventory in our Utah warehouse. Discounts reduce pricing close to original Kickstarter pricing, shipping is billed at our cost with a $10 minimum. This applies to our entire inventory until stock runs out.

We have less than 100 bundles of the listed remaining and this message is going out to over 12,000 people so grab those Christmas presents early or expand your existing system. All product is in stock, this is not a pre-order and the products will indicate "sold out" if they're not available.

The reasons for this clearance are given below. Thank you for supporting and helping found Whipr.

DEALS (ignore cart subtotal & add discount code at checkout for the following pricing)


  • Base unit replacement rope: User replaceable rope specially formulated for whipr by Marlow ropes (a video guide will be published shortly)

To access this pricing, ignore the cart total then use code BACKERSONLY in the checkout “gift card or discount code” section.

Use code BACKERSONLY for 53%+ off everything at

**NOTE: Due to limited inventory Base units are not being sold separately to primary accessories.


First and foremost, we want to thank you all for helping bring Whipr to life. You helped us take a dream and turn it into a reality and for that, we are and always will be incredibly grateful.

Today we have good news and bad news. 

First the good news… After exhaustive negotiations our shipping agents have released container 12 and those backers, with several re-delivery exemptions, finally got their products. 

Now, the bad news. Due to shipping overages and fees (like surprise overweight charges and FEDEX price hikes) shipping your rewards cost our company over $500,000 more than we collected in shipping fees. We were already struggling in a down economy and shouldering significant debt brought about by COVID related campaign overages and this was the last straw. 

Whipr Inc is currently insolvent and we’re faced with either shutting down operations or asking for your assistance in saving the company. We’re choosing the latter option as we believe it best serves the future interests of this community and the product.


Fair question. If we shut down, all current and future warranty claims, product support, spares, tutorials, videos, app updates and new products (a few of which are near ready for release) will all be terminated. We believe it's in your best interest that we work hard to save what we've built. Further, the product is great and we have near completed designs for new commercial grade product lines that will make it even better.


At this point it's worth giving you an inside look at what happened to the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign finances.

In August 2020 we received solid quotes from our manufacturers. Although we knew expenses may increase slightly during development, COVID related issues raised the cost of everything from labor to materials by an average of over 170%. In summary, the combined Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns lost USD$1.44M.

After campaign funds ran out we secured external factored financing to pay for manufacturing and prolonged operations. We’ve paid a lot off but are currently carrying debt in excess of USD$1M.

Similarly during the shipping period FEDEX and other carriers raised their quoted prices with tariffs, overage and priority fees. Fees such as import duties to the UK ended up costing 300% more than was quoted. After we paid our agents the shipping funds collected from backers, Whipr was left with a total campaign shipping deficit exceeding USD$500k.

The company is out of cash, has had no paid staff for several months and we’ve now had to cancel our customer support contract. We’ve retained bankruptcy counsel but we have a plan that can bring the company back to solvency.

A breakdown of the line item expenses is provided below.

Kickstarter / Indiegogo Campaign Finance Summary


For some companies this is when they'd declare bankruptcy, cut their losses and walk away, but we still have a few cards to play and we’d like to ask for your assistance.

Whipr currently has a small amount of inventory in our Utah warehouse that was purchased with external factored financing and intended as regular retail stock. We don’t have the time or the cash needed to sell that inventory in a down economy so we’re choosing to liquidate. Should this clearance be successful we'll generate enough funds to operate for a few more months and receive additional product from our factory in China. Those onward sales will help greatly in our prolonged operations.

For the next 14 days, or until we are out of stock, we are offering close to original Kickstarter pricing for all products. Now is the time to add that extra ski, row or kayak accessory that you missed out on before. It’s also a fantastic early Christmas gift for someone! If it’s on the website the product is in stock and ready to ship. Shipping time to the US is currently approximately 5-10 business days.

To access this pricing, ignore the cart total then use code BACKERSONLY in the checkout “gift card or discount code” section.

Use code BACKERSONLY for 53%+ off everything at

**NOTE: Due to limited inventory Base units are not being sold separately to primary accessories.

Inventory is very limited and we have less than 100 sets of our bundles remaining. This message will go out to over 12,000 people and we expect that some items will sell out very quickly. It’s important to note that all clearance sales are final.


If you'd like to instead contribute directly to Whipr please scroll to the bottom of this page and add to our shipping fund. All money collected at this link will go directly towards paying the excess shipping fees incurred by your shipments.


There is much to say about this journey of starting Whipr and building this community, but I'll reserve my final commentary for a future update. While we're down, we're definitely not out and this world is filled with success stories that have chapters just like this. For now I'm just going to say thank you to everyone that has supported whipr so far... I hope the next chapter is a good read.


Luke Tipple
Whipr founder


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