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Dear Backers & Customers,

Today we have unfortunate news. Despite our best efforts to recover in these challenging economic times, Whipr, Inc. is insolvent and has begun the process of dissolution.

For those of us that have worked tirelessly for the past 3 years to bring Whipr to life this situation is devastating. We also recognize that as an investor this is also not great news. Collectively we’ve done everything we can to recover from the challenges presented by Covid, supply chain issues, the resultant shipping crisis and a challenging macro-economy. This has presented a great barrier to raising funds to support growth and our current cash position does not support future operations.

Over the last couple of years we have developed, manufactured, sold and shipped over 14,000 orders to customers in 60+ countries. We’re proud of this accomplishment. The whipr ecosystem is the first of its kind, feedback on our equipment has been incredible and we've been so stoked seeing thousands of you posting your experiences and the places your taken and trained with whipr. We had so much more planned for this workout platform and we’re beyond disappointed that we won't bring additional products like the commercial version to market, which we believe would have been a game changer.

Clearance sale

The final liquidation sale of all inventory sold through whipr.com is now active. This is your chance to pick up gifts, extra machines, accessories and spares. No code is necessary.

Purchase Protection

Since all sales on whipr.com are 'final sale' we suggest, for US residents, the addition of an Extend protection plan at the time of purchase. Coverage details are available by clicking 'what's covered' adjacent to "Add accident protection offered by Extend" on eligible product listings.

    What's next?

    Once all inventory is sold Whipr, Inc. will cease operations. Further development, shipments of spares and warranty items have been suspended and customer service is being reduced. We understand that this is not great news but the current financial condition of the company coupled with volatile macroeconomic conditions is forcing our closure.

    We want to thank you for being a supporter of whipr and extend our apologies for this unfortunate news. Ultimately the pandemic and subsequent shipping crisis proved to be a fantastic time to start a fitness company but an insurmountably expensive time to start a manufacturing company. We wish things had worked out differently but do hope that your whipr products continue to keep you fit for years to come.

    Please note

    • Our current supply of rowing machines and ski accessories are being sold on behalf of our suppliers and are not available to fulfill warranty or pledge claims. Unresolved warranty claims will be added to our list of claimants. 
    • Kickstarter/Indiegogo Backers: Our records show approximately 2-3% of backers did not receive a pledged ‘reward’ due to either shipping provider errors or the backers failure to pay shipping fees. Since our ability to rectify these claims is now negated those affected can register their desire to be compensated at this link. The link will be live for 30 days from the date of this notice.

    The team at Whipr, Inc.