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whipr portable ERG rowing machine
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Dear Investors,

Today we have unfortunate news. Despite our best efforts to recover in these challenging economic times, Whipr, Inc. is insolvent and has begun the process of dissolution. All remaining inventory and assets will be liquidated and an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors will be filed. An Assignee will be selected for resolution of debt with our creditors and vendors. As an equity shareholder your ownership does not amount to a claim and will not be paid anything from the liquidation as there are insufficient funds to reach equity.

For those of us that have worked tirelessly for the past 3 years to bring Whipr to life this situation is devastating. We also recognize that as an investor this is also not great news. Collectively we’ve done everything we can to recover from the challenges presented by Covid, supply chain issues, the resultant shipping crisis and a challenging macro-economy. This has presented a great barrier to raising funds to support growth and our current cash position does not support future operations.

Over the last couple of years we have developed, manufactured, sold and shipped over 14,000 orders to customers in 60+ countries. We’re proud of this accomplishment. The whipr ecosystem is the first of its kind, feedback on our equipment has been incredible and we've been so stoked seeing thousands of our customers posting their experiences and their training with whipr. We had so much more planned for this workout platform and we’re beyond disappointed that we won't bring additional products like the commercial version to market, which we believe would have been a game changer.

Clearance sale

The final liquidation sale of all inventory sold through whipr.com is now active. Below you will find discounts that are currently exclusive to our Backers and Investors. They will soon be made available to the general public but for now this is your priority chance to pick up gifts, extra machines, accessories and spares. 

Available discounts

  • Use the discount code ROW100 for an additional $100 off any package. This gives you a Row package for $299 or a Row+Ski package for $349 + shipping. These packages are stored at a 3rd party warehouse in Oakland, CA and ship within 1-3 business days via FEDEX.
  • Use the discount code ROW49 for an additional $49 off a rowing accessory. This is far less than our cost and is intended to both clear the warehouse as well as make a cost effective spares accessible to our customers. Row accessories are stored at a 3rd party warehouse in Utah.
  • All other accessories are heavily discounted and do not require a discount code. Base units alone are out of stock. 

Utah warehouse note: This shipping provider had operational challenges over  the Thanksgiving and Holiday period resulting in significant shipping delays. We're told this has been rectified and the last few shipments from this period are being sent this week. Once the order is made you can be assured of delivery but please be patient on orders made from this location.

Purchase Protection

Since all sales on whipr.com are 'final sale' we suggest, for US residents, the addition of an Extend protection plan at the time of purchase. Coverage details are available by clicking 'what's covered' adjacent to "Add accident protection offered by Extend" on eligible product listings. 

What's next?

We want to thank you for being a supporter of whipr and extend our apologies for this unfortunate news. We wish things had worked out differently but do hope that your whipr products continue to keep you fit for years to come.

The team at Whipr, Inc.