• Weight limit: 350lbs
  • Total length: 79" (2m)
  • Total height: 20" (50cm)
  • Track length: 51" (1.29m)
  • Seat height: 8" (20cm) from floor to seat position
  • Catch distance: 15.7" (40cm)
  • Catch height (from rail): 35cm
  • Weight: 12.1kg / 26lb
  • Max supported split time 1:35
  • Not recommended for professional or ‘sprint’ rowing

Recommended Use:

Our equipment is suitable for everyday endurance workouts. The base unit is capable of providing resistance of up to 850 Kn, about the same as full sized rower on a mid resistance setting.

The rower is not designed for maximum strength sprints such as are encouraged in cross-fit style workouts. You won't break it, but may find the resistance lacking.

Our software supports a maximum sustained 500m split time of 1:35.