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Amazing Rower--sad that Whipr is going out of business

This is my second Whipr rower--I bought it because Whipr is selling off assets. This is an amazingly compact rower that gives a great workout. It is different from the standard Concept 2 but for the average rower, it really works well.

It's a little difficult to put together the first time--just the three dimensions of it, but once you do it it's easy after that. All parts are modular, which had the potential to be swapped out, including the central ERG unit. It's all very simple and logical.

The ERG unit housing is manufactured out of high impact plastic. Everything is solid. All other parts are manufactured to the highest standards out of steel and high end components. Everything was packed well.

I had no problems with set up and no problems with use. I use it nearly every day and got a second one as a back up.

I am surprised that no one would buy the technology here. This is Whipr's first product and it's really great. At $229 it's a steal--this thing functions like a real rowing machine whereas the rest of the garbage you'd buy at this price point won't last and won't give much of a workout. (Even at 'full' price, the rower was a great buy.) The Whipr isn't the loudest set up out there but is louder than most water and magnetic rowers. At a full clip, it is about as loud as a concept 2.

This thing can be broken down and moved to a new location easily. It can even fit in a suitcase for travel. The rower gives a decent workout. Adherents of the Concept 2 and high-end rowers may find the action less smooth and may not quite get the high end resistance they are looking for, but the rest of us will be satisfied. And if you live in a small space or need a portable rower, this is the one to choose.

I am certain if Whipr had stayed open, Whipr 2.0 would have been even better. The engineering on this thing was just excellent. I guess, when you come down to it, most start ups do fail. It's just sad to see a company that put their heart and soul into this machine got dinged by supply chain issues and added costs courtesy of the pandemic. I, for one, am sorry to see them go.

Again, this thing is a steal for $229--get one while you can!

This is our second machine!

I love this rowing machine so much that I bought a second wind just in case parts of the first one break! I’m so sad the company is going out of business!!

I love the portable skier/rower

I exercise for the purpose of long endurance, but my city doesn’t allow me a beneficial weather for running outdoors for almost half the year & my closest gym is about 45mins. I refuse to sacrifice my time just so I can run on a treadmill. This is a convenient product for me, rower/skier on winter season & running on summer. Though it wouldn’t work for sprint sessions,
I can say that the finished product looks & works amazingly well for my purpose.

Ski Accessory
Amy Balliett
A great workout!

This is my 2nd ski accessory because my first one broke after nearly 2 years of almost daily use while traveling with it around the country. Why give it 5 stars when the first one broke? First, let me explain how it broke - The handles are connected to the rope in 2 ways. The rope wraps around the inside of the handle and, for added security, is slipped through a hole with a strong knot on the other end. I didn't have the rope wrapped around the inside of the handle (my fault) and the knot eventually came undone because of this. So, mid workout, the rope released from one of the handles and flew out the other end of the accessory. There was no way to weave it back in without taking the whole accessory apart, and I simply couldn't figure out how to do that without breaking everything. The solution is so simple: don't unwrap the entire rope from the inside of the handle. Given the fact that I didn't pay attention to this clear direction AND this accessory is so affordable, I really can't complain. I love using it so much that I bought a new one even after the first broke. It's a great accessory to get cardio in anywhere you might be traveling... and if you have nonstop sciatica like me, it's a low impact workout that burns calories and fuels muscle. So it's a win for me!

Smart Package in a small design

I use it 4 to 5 days a week, I get a great total body workout giving my feet a break when I'm not running.

Row Accessory
A must buy

I would definitely recommend the row modality particularly when used with the pulley and set to maximum strength. The rower is not suitable for sprint training but is perfect for steady state cardio work. The rower frame also doubles as a stable platform for canoe/ dragon boat paddle training. The metalwork feels solid and well made. A great deal of thought has gone into the design and it is compact enough when dismantled to fit into a large rigid case (personally I would carry the whipr head unit separately). Ps. I would advise the use of a stool placed above the rail at a height of 14 inches in order to replicate a true dragon boat position.

Love this thing!

Was in a CrossFit gym for over a decade - life happens - now I workout at home in a smaller space this allows me to continue working out the way I love on a much smaller foot print. Not perfect, but I am not complaining - love it!

Replacement Rope
Functional, Space Saver, Great Value

I love this machine. I received the basic rowing bundle from the initial kickstarter campaign and have purchased almost all accessories since. Everything has been great quality and functions exactly as designed and expected. Does it have the same max resistance that a Concept 2 has? No, but I would not expect it to. This travels with me, switches out to kayak mode in less than a min, breaks down to fit under my bed. I have owned or used almost every type of rowing machine out there, and this is my favorite overall because of it's versatility.

Replacement Rope
Clarence Jacobs

Fast shipment. Fair ptice

Whipr base unit
Quality Equipment = Fantastic Workout!

We waited a long time to write this review. Why? Because we wanted to gauge whether this machine would really hold up. Well, after 10 months of regular use, we are happy to report that our Whipr absolutely rocks! We have the row component and my wife and I love it. So much so that we have recommended it to all of our friends and family members. Thank you Whipr for making a fantastic product!

Whipr base unit
Mark R.
An amazing workout system!

It took a while to receive my whipr, but it was definitely worth the wait. I ordered the row, ski, and paddle combo. While removing it from the box, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship. Set-up is easy and relatively fast. The display is easy to read and use. As a personal trainer, I can’t wait to see what my clients think! I highly recommend the whipr, for all fitness enthusiasts!

Whipr base unit
Row - Great compact machine!

Just as sturdy as the big name rowers, this little box gets the job done. Lightweight and easy to break down, the row accessory is a must for any home gym. Customer service is friendly and helpful. Excited to see how Whipr will grow!

Whipr base unit

I bought this in the kickstart phase and waited nearly a year to receive it (thanks Covid). I’ve been using it about four months to test the durability before giving a proper review. This thing truly lives up to the hype. This unit fits in my tiny entry coat closet. I can take it out and assemble the rower in less than 30 seconds, and get an excellent full body workout in less than ten minutes. I was worried it would be wobbly or not be able to take a beating, but I was wrong. The weld joints are professional and super sturdy. The rower rig doesn’t slide at all, even on my wood flooring without a mat underneath. The Whipr base unit itself is also strong, the settings are easy to navigate, and I can pull like I would on any concept rower at the gym and it feels sturdy and strong. All around excellent product and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

Thanks Rebekah!

Whipr base unit
Greg Schuman
So Portable and Versatile

I had always wanted a rowing machine. Only problem: nowhere to store when not in use. When I saw the Whipr, I was instantly sold and ended up getting it with my stimulus money and as a present to myself for getting a new job. I've found that I have zero excuses to work out now, as all I have to do is just inflate the back of it and I can get a quick row or SUP workout before starting my day, rather than drive to the gym, change, work out (if the machines I want to use are even available), then get dressed again. While the demos show it working with a door, anything heavy will work just as well. I use a chest of drawers or a bookshelf.

All in all, it's a great product for those looking for a truly portable home or home away from home gym. You truly get your money's worth without the sacrifice of quality. Assembly of the rowing/paddling machine takes about 5-10 minutes.

Whipr base unit
Ease and versatility

I have loved that this machine is so light that I can carry it from my garage into the home for continued opportunity to move from intense workout (garage) to an easy row or paddle while I watch tv so I spend less time sitting. Couldn't do something like this with a larger piece of equipment. The affordability is also something that is appreciated since purchasing a standard rower was outside my budget. Now I not only have a rower, I have a paddle option and a ski option so my movement can change with my mood and motivation. WORTH every penny.

Whipr base unit
One word - « Fantastic »

Love it - great tool for recovering from a Knee surgery
Ski and SUP are great exercise
Great customer service

Magnetic pins (Row + Ski)
Jack Bolen

Magnetic pins (Row + Ski)

Paddle, Ski, Row Bundle
Matthew P.
Fantastic versatile workout

Amazing workout with the SUP attachment and incredible movement. HR can be easily maintained or pushed without any issue to cadence. The realistic flow through the strokes is impressive.

Easy to setup. Indoor or outdoor workouts are quick and simple to setup. Ground anchor adds to the options. Tap the buttons, select program and your away paddling.

Great product and looking forward to training with other attachments.

Whipr base unit
Johnathan Brooks
Great little machine.

I bought two base units and the row accessory. So far everything has been great. My primary use was to help stay in decent paddle shape to improve my surfing. I can only surf a couple times a month, so this is a way to spend more time catching waves, than recovering from paddling. They work great. The surf handles/swim paddles aren’t very good. The plastic broke my second time using them. But the straps work great, so I’m happy with it. I only use the row accessory when I want same cardio, but don’t feel like running. It works fine for me. If your serious about rowing, this probably isn’t the best option for you. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase. It gave me exactly what I wanted for paddle conditioning, and has a bonus of giving me a decent row machine.

Rower pulley wheel
Alfred Becerra

So much better using this when you row. Very effective!

Whipr base unit
Doug R.
Great Purchase - Love the Whipr

Love the product. Super well made, compact and versatile. Love the row, ski and sup accessories and the variety they bring to my workouts!! Highly recommend this product.

Very interesting sport equipment & The perfect gift

Iconic piece of sport equipment!
I've found it while looking for an gift idea for my father's 60th birthday, who is a passionate kayaker and nordic skier.
Furthermore, as frequent business traveller, I think whipr adaptability and easy packaging is a genial idea.

The structure is very solid and the quality of material is very good.
The small size makes it perfect to include in the home gym.
Easy to build and very stable also with high workout intensities.
Nice and user friendly app.
Responsive and kind customer service during the shipment stage and after delivery.
Highly recommended!

Whipr delivered more than it promised

It took a while to receive my Kickstarter pledge, but it’s more than worth the wait. The quality of the design n build is beyond market standard especially it’s the company first production run. I use it right next to my home working desk, its ease to assemble and portability are clearly designed by the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Whipr works well in all modes so it’s good value for money. I can see that its versatility is the core of the design process, not just an after thought slap-on. I have clocked months of workout on the machine, it is durable and still perform consistently.

If I must pick some flaws, it took trial-n-error to get the rower track to be perfectly aligned… and the cable does get hot after 30 mins of rowing

To me, it’s almost the perfect first product of this young company, I wish the team all the best to keep staying real and innovating.

Whipr base unit
Sheree Caine
Whipr Rower

I have only used the rower a few times, but so far i like it. It's easy to use and i love that it's smaller in size. My only wish is that the foot pedals had heal cups.

Whipr base unit
Alec Hoag
Wonderful little erg.

Whipr is a great little erg. The hardware is excellent. The company is very responsive (and very busy!). There are some software bugs that need be worked out, but I’m confident that the company will continue to improve the product firmware and app. I’ve used the paddle (standing SUP and sitting on a box to “simulate" an outrigger). The rowing tension and cable/paddle action is just about right. Highly recommended.