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Just got it paddle ski and rowing package

Yes!! Just got it had to look through the website vid to see how to set up the rowing machine and it is just perfect now goin to start my workout!!

Row Package
Way Chuang Ang
Rower and base unit: Solid

After having tested the rower + base unit package for one week, I think it is a solid product.

1. The build quality is excellent. The design of magnet locks on the rower bar and the doubler plate is very well thought of. So, is the magnet at the back of the base unit.
2. Heat dissipation is good. The base unit isn't hot to touch after a 30 minutes workout session.
3. Adjustable foot plate
4. Seat can be locked in place after workout.
5. Most importantly, it is compact and light in weight (compared to other rowers in the market)
6. With the doubler, the base unit generates enough resistance for rowing. Though this area can be improved because I'm hitting the maximum resistance. I sweated profusely when I increased the pace of workout to 30 rows per minute.
7. The whole package just looks and feels like a well designed product. It looks nice.
8. Power data display on the computer. Though it can be disheartening to find out that I generated around 110 watts on average using the whole body. Cyclist with strong legs can do much better than that on a bicycle and I could only generate 110 watts on a rower with my whole body. Meh, so weak.
9. Base unit computer supports over the air update according to a record on Whipr instagram account ( Can't wait to see this in action when a new firmware is available.

Not so good, but not showstopper either:
1. The M10 **** on the L bracket of the rower arm has to be tightened after each session. On one of the longer rowing session, the arm wobbled and I noticed that M10 **** loosened so much that the L bracket was rocking up and down. I guess I didn't tighten it enough before the start of the session.
2. The join of the rail caused loud thunk during workout when the middle leg wasn't adjusted properly. Once adjusted properly, the noise was very minimal when the seat crossed the join.
3. I'm not sure if this issue was due to combination of the smooth floor surface and lack of grip of the stands of the rail, the whole rower moved gradually when I rowed. This wasn't an issue if the workout was short. But I had to stop to adjust the rower on a longer session to avoid bumping into wall due to the space constraint. This issue was mitigated when I placed the rower on top of yoga mat to create more grip, but that was not ideal because the middle leg of the rail punched a hole into the yoga mat.

The issues mentioned above are probably the tradeoffs for portability. If the rower accessories were designed as non-detachable fixed rail with more weight, then we probably won't noticed these issues. Again, none of these is showstopper.

Software issues:
1. In general, on longer workout sessions (>= 30 minutes), the Whipr app consistently uploaded faulty data on Strava. The time/distance would be skewed. Support acknowledged the issue and fix will be forthcoming
2. Whipr app couldn't sync workout session started from the base unit.
3. On one occasion, Whipr app failed to sync the workout session started from the app.
4. Projected time provided by the base unit computer was inaccurate and didn't make sense. When you rowed faster at the end of the workout session, the reported projected time would be shorter than elapsed time. Support acknowledged the issue and a fix will be provided.

Again, none of these is showstopper. Software bugs are to be expected during the launch of a new product. Most importantly, they can be addressed with over the air update.

Nice to have
1. Fixed rail in the future revision. Though, I'm content with the current revision and won't be forking money to buy a new one until it breaks down.
2. More resistance. Maybe a pro model can do that.
3. Ability to hook up to power supply in addition to battery supply. After one week of workout, I have drained 40% of the battery power. I may have to spare more batteries in the future even though AA batteries are cheap.
4. Firmware/software update to support chest strapped heart rate monitor. It will be nice to see heart rate data on Strava.

Thanks so much for the comprehensive review! We’ll be rolling out an OTA software update shortly that address each of the issues you describe.

Just received!

Received my Whipr today. Took it out of the box and put together. I am more excited with the high quality of equipment. I plan on starting tomorrow and will leave a review after using it several times. So far, great.

Row Package
Paul C.
Great product from a wonderful company!

For those (like me) who have always wanted a home rower, this is THE one to get. Very well-made, and worth the price! You won’t be disappointed- I wasn’t!

Row Package
edward richter

Did a backer program. Got the goods this week. Very easy to put together after you do it once with the video provided. I own a concept 2 rower, but I store it in the winters bc no space. The whipr is light, portable, and does the trick. Multiple levels to get in a good wod. I especially love the erg attachment. Since I gave up the gym its the one piece of equipment I miss. The whipr erg is awesome!!!!! Highly rec this product. Oh and it is not made cheap at all; I was blown away by the quality!

Paddle Package
patrick chun kong Yiu


Row Package
liz Luya

Easy to set up, lightweight and not too noisy…

Paddle ski set

I got this as a backup plan for covid shutdowns and plan to travel with the paddle and ski gear. Its working good so far

It took a while to receive but I’m stoked!

I backed this on Kickstarter last year. The product went through a few changes and delays but once it arrived I could see they paid great attention to detail and it’s quality equipment. I’m doing 5k on the rower everyday and I’ve used the ski-erg for HIIT sessions a few times. I tried the paddle once and it was fun, works the core more than I thought it would! I probably won’t travel with it, although I can see that you can, I bought it for storage and it’s easy to fit under my bed after a workout. If you live in a small apartment like me I highly recommend it!

Thanks David, we're so happy you're enjoying the equipment! Thanks for supporting us while we dealt with supply issues, looking forward to hearing more from you! - Team Whipr

just keep swimming

There's no way I could have got a swim-erg trainer this cheap and it feels pretty much the same.

Thanks Vicky! Glad you like the gear!

Great Product!

I'd been wanting to set up a home gym but didn't have space since I live in a 600sq ft apartment in HK. I bought Whipr and it does exactly what it says it does. I've been using it every day for 2 weeks before I decided to review. Killer fully body workout but is small.

Ski Package
Isaac Chung

I suported this project on Kickstarter and was pretty upset about the delays and thought they wouldn't deliver. Now that it's here I'm pretty happy with it. The one thing I'll say is looking at a door while skiing isn't super amazing but they have VR coming out soon I think so it's worth looking into.

Thanks Isaac, we appreciate you sticking with us while we got it delivered. The unit is already able to connect to popular VR apps but we're working with developers to calibrate it for their system. We'll give you a heads up when it officially releases.

Swim & Surf Package
Jeffrey Kuen

I actually got this to train for surfing as my chicken arms can't make it out the back after a few months in the office. I added my own bench and it feels good.

Row Package
Chris Wood
Not a Concept 2 but I didn't expect that

It rows. It's not like a Concept 2 rower or anything but I don't have the room for that anyway. Good for a home workout.

Thanks Chris, there are a few trade-offs with our great vs the full sized machines but we're happy to hear you're enjoying it.

Paddle Package
Sophia See
Great SUP training

I'd hoped to get this in time for summer but now that it's finally here I realize it's perfect for winter SUP training. The base unit is good and resistance feels just like being on the water. The screen is a bit small hard to see from far away so I'm looking forward to the app being released.

Thanks Sophia, enjoy the training! The app is now on the app store for both android and apple. The iOS version is here:

Wife says whip

My wife said I should Whip it everyday with my Whipr. Now I have no excuse to get my a@@ in shape. Good product but one star off for the delivery delay.

Thanks for hanging in there with us Bernard, this year have been very challenging for production and shipping, we appreciate your support throughout!

Christmas came early, lots of gear

The boxes arrived and I was surprised by how much equipment there was! I've used the rower and kayak so far and am impressed. Yet to try the ski paddle or anything else. Will update my review once I have. 5 stars so far I wish it had arrived sooner but I can't hold the delays against them

Worth it

I got the paddle ski row package and think it's awesome. Finally I have a way to get this quarantine 30lbs off because I was not about to walk into the gym with all this COVID stuff. So over wearing a mask. My vote is worth it. I have the whole thing set up in my home office and it's super easy to break down if my kids want to play on the floor in there which they often do.

Thanks for the great review Zoe!

Row Package
Anna Carr
It arrived

I use this rower for home sessions. I row pretty steady at a 1:45 split time and it feels good on level 9 or 10, pretty close to around a 5 or 6 on concept2. I'm looking forward to the dragon boat seat coming out

Row Package
Tim Richardson
Meat whipper

Meat whipper haha 😂 . It's good I'm happy with it

*Meet haha, glad you like it! Thanks for the support.

Row Package
Grace Tsang
Good job

Good job whipr, happy backer here! I've wanted a rower forever but didn't have the space. This one I can set up and pack away easily in the closet which is nice. It's a good workout, I was initialy surprised by the rail join but I guess that's how they make it small. It has a bit of a clicking sound but I didn't notice it after the first minute or two.