10 modality package

10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package
10 modality package

10 modality package

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Get 10 modalities in one package that fits in your closet. With this equipment you can:

  1. Paddle
  2. Ski
  3. Row
  4. Kayak
  5. Swim
  6. Surf
  7. Canoe
  8. Dragon Boat
  9. Train burst leg plyo
  10. Train burst arm & core plyo


  • 2 x Whipr ERG base units (includes carry case + anchor accessories)
  • 1 x Paddle accessory
  • 1 x Ski Accessory
  • 1 x Row Accessory
  • 1 x Kayak Paddle
  • 1 x Swim accessory
  • 1 x Kayak rower attachment
  • 1 x Ankle straps
  • 1 x Rubber handles 

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Our equipment is suitable for everyday endurance workouts. The base unit is capable of providing resistance of up to 850 Kn, about the same as full sized rower on a mid to high damper setting.

Our software supports a maximum sustained 500m split time of 1:35.

Go. All. In.

10 modalities for less than the cost of one mid-priced, single function machine. This package embodies our ethic of affordable, portable, multi-functional fitness for everyone.

machines are not furniture
10 ERG modes in one bag
As the world's first portable multi-function ERG system we take product design seriously. Putting the rower together takes less than three minutes and requires no tools. Taking it apart is equally as easy and additional accessories fit easily alongside.

Just like you pack the right clothes for a trip, now you can pick and choose your travel workout modes...
Our paddle shaft is a special blend of carbon fiber that is softer then normal paddles to give it a distinctive 'alive' feeling in your hands.

We've spent a lot of time playing with the right compounds to get it just right and the action is endorsed by world championship paddlers.
Cross-Country Ski
To use the ski accessory simply unfold it, hook it over a door frame, attach the pulley to the whipr base unit hook and start skiing.

When you're finished it folds down to just 12" long for easy storage and travel.
Rowing machine
Full sized performance, portable package. This mighty machine delivers resistance equivalent to most rowers on a mid-setting, perfect for endurance and cardio training.

When storage is at a premium users will appreciate removing only two thumbscrews to then slide the rower under a bed.
The kayak attachment converts our rower to a kayak trainer. The rowers' locking seat and adjustable foot plates enables a fully customizable seating position
Dragon Boat & Canoe
Combine the rower and paddle for high stroke rate dragon boat, OC and canoe training. Optional adjustable height seat (pictured in video) coming in 2022.
Legs & Arms
Train and rehab legs, arms and shoulders with our ankle cuffs or handles.

Tennis players, hockey & even Frisbee golfers can also benefit from burst resistance training when whipr is connected to their equipment.
Swim & Surf
Train for swimming and surfing with whipr. Works in both prone positions (surf) and back laying (swim).

vr rowing

Works with HOLOFIT

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Onboard ERG Computer

whipr erg computer


Track your progress

whipr bluetooth app

Included in this package.

New Year Deal
Whipr base unit
Sale price $349 Regular price $359 Package Savings $10
New Year Deal
Whipr base unit
Sale price $349 Regular price $359 Package Savings $10
SUP Paddle Accessory
Ski Accessory
Row Accessory
Kayak Paddle
Kayaking rower attachment
Swim accessory
Half Ball Trainer
Ankle Cuffs
Rubber Handles

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nice Home Gym Set Up

My Rower, SUP and Swim packages finally arrived within the past 2 weeks. My Kayak attachment is on the way. I am able to get an intensive total body workout in the comfort of my apartment. It’s definitely worth the price. One minor issue with the rower is when the seat passes over the middle joint I hear this annoying clicking sound. Any remedies/suggestions would be appreciated. Special Thank you to Luke Tipple for your prompt responses to me via Instagram Messenger when I needed help with order inquires. This demonstrates you really value the customer. Keep up the great work!! 👍🏾

Pretty good

I do like the product overall, particularilty the dragon boat paddling mode is a lot of fun. I bought it primarily to use for rowing but unfortunately the resistance even at level 10 isn`t really enough, and going full out the unit is a lot louder than I had hoped in rowing mode. (It`s quieter in paddling mode so I suspect the doubling of the cord is to blame?) PArticularly when the cord retracts, the noise is pretty grating, to the point that I don`t really want to row. The base unit`s anchoring mechanism is also pretty useless in my household, since I mostly have sliding doors, but I was able to install the ski attatchment by removing the door first, and I can use it by keeping the base unit anchored on the rowing machine base. Not ideal, but workable. The kayak mode wasn`t availble when I made my original purchase, and based on my experience witht the dragon boat mode, I think I`d enjoy the kayaking function a lot. I might consider buying a second base unit and kayak equipment in the future, although the price is a bit too steep for now, particularly with the high cost of international shipping. Hoping for a price drop or maybe a discount in the future! Overall though I think the product is solid and with a few small improvements would be truly amazing!

Kristopher Cross
Excellent Travel Companion

The wait has been worth it for this. I originally backed the project due to traveling 90% of the year, and having to adapt to new gym equipment at each destination. Everything really does fit into the suitcase and pieces together exceptionally well. After putting the rower together a few times, the build and tear down times are a little over a minute. I'm a larger guy at 6' 4" - 210, and I have no complaints about the build of the machine. I can't wait until a carrying case comes out for the rower, as it'd make the package that much sweeter. I would recommend everyone give this machine a try!

Daniel Featherstone

Paddle, Ski, Row Package

Trish Ng
Christmas came early, lots of gear

The boxes arrived and I was surprised by how much equipment there was! I've used the rower and kayak so far and am impressed. Yet to try the ski paddle or anything else. Will update my review once I have. 5 stars so far I wish it had arrived sooner but I can't hold the delays against them