Paddle, Ski, Row Package

Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package
Paddle, Ski, Row Package

Paddle, Ski, Row Package

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Everything you need to paddle, ski and row.

Easily expand with other accessories or use just the base unit for plyo training movements.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Whipr ERG base unit (includes carry case + anchor accessories)
  • 1 x Paddle accessory
  • 1 x Ski Accessory
  • 1 x Row Accessory

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Our equipment is suitable for everyday endurance workouts. The base unit is capable of providing resistance of up to 850 Kn, about the same as full sized rower on a mid to high damper setting.

Our software supports a maximum sustained 500m split time of 1:35.

Travel in style

Our two most portable modalities will fit on a carry on suitcase with room to spare. Built specifically for road warriors that take their ERG wherever they go.

Stand Up
Our paddle shaft is a special blend of carbon fiber that is softer then normal paddles to give it a distinctive 'alive' feeling in your hands.

We've spent a lot of time playing with the right compounds to get it just right and the action is endorsed by world championship paddlers.
To use the ski accessory simply unfold it, hook it over a door frame, attach the pulley to the whipr base unit hook and start skiing.

When you're finished it folds down to just 12" long for easy storage and travel.
Full sized performance, portable package. This mighty machine delivers resistance equivalent to most rowers on a mid-setting, perfect for endurance and cardio training.

When storage is at a premium users will appreciate removing only two thumbscrews to then slide the rower under a bed.
machines are not furniture
Storage friendly / travel ready
As the world's first portable ERG system we take product design seriously. Putting the rower together takes less than three minutes and requires no tools. Taking it apart is equally as easy.

With a packed weight of 24lbs for the frame and 8lbs for the base unit, there's still plenty of room for clothes in a full sized suitcase without paying an overweight charge at the airport.

VR Rowing

Works with HOLOFIT

Learn more


Onboard ERG Computer

whipr erg computer


Track your progress

whipr bluetooth app

Included in this package.

New Year Deal
Whipr base unit
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SUP Paddle Accessory
Ski Accessory
Row Accessory

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Paddle Ski Row

Finally, i receipt last week and i'm so happy can training ! I bought because i wanted a paddle erg and ski erg, my two sport in competition and they are take little place and not expensive in kickstarter... !

SUP : excellent resistance, good movement, really good !
Ski : i'm frustrated by resistance, it's low for me with a puissance 10, i added weight bracelets 2kg for more resistance... and this is better
Rower : no test, but for montage, a notice is better, because when you received a pack, you want immediate mount, no looking in internet for how to...

pretty cool so far BUT.

Pretty cool so far. but worried about the inflated pillow anchor. Seems like it was a poor design to mount to doors. Eventually it will wear down?

Kaitlin York
Impressed but also disappointed

After having it for a few weeks I am struggling to get it into an efficient workout routine due to a few problems.
1. I live in and older home and the gaps under my doorways are too large to use Whipr- even with a board underneath and the added foot. This is more of a personal issue but I wish there was a wall anchor to avoid this and have a more permanent set up station.
2. I primarily wanted a rower- this is SO LOUD in both the machine, and the clicking of the seat over the seam. With the resistance doubled I still don't feel as though I am getting the same resistance as a full size machine.
3. I cannot for the life of me get the ski handles apart to get the extra rope out. I will keep trying!

I am impressed with the overall quality of the parts and design but its just not quite working for me yet.

Hi Kaitlin,
Thanks for your review. Couple of tips that may help out.
1- If your doors have super high clearance a 12x12 thick rubber flooring tile has been used successfully by a few users. You just want a solid surface under the base unit but the rubber would help grip the floor. They can be bought from Amazon or a hardware store very cheaply.
2 - The rower is designed to deliver the same feel as a full sized machine at around half resistance setting. This is a zone most people feel comfortable rowing for distance (rather than burst).
3 - If the ski handles do not slide apart feel free to submit for a warranty replacement. You've probably seen this but If it helps, you can see the instructions for adjusting the ski handles around 50 seconds into the video here

T. Parker

Just got my Whipr and I love it. Recently opened my home gym and have been working on purchasing all the necessary equipment to make it CrossFit and Strength Training centered. The Whipr is great for my budget, and the dual modality of rower and ski erg allows for me to continue my favorite style of working out seamlessly and saves a ton of space. Highly recommend and I’m very happy with it!

Derrick Halber
Great versatility in a small, modular package!

First off, my biggest concern was the resistance: could a 6 inch cubed box really provide a comparable experience to a full sized rower? (eg/ a Concept2/C2 or WaterRower) The answer: kind of; if you are someone used to a C2 rower or similar, you will find the Whipr lacking; for its size the Whipr cannot directly compare to the maximum resistance and power of using a C2 rower (or i suspect a C2 Ski ERG, I haven’t had a chance to try one)(more on this later). But it excels as a versatile home fitness and portable cardio option and that was the goal.

The Whipr is by my account, well built and well designed. The materials and accessories all feel sturdy and solid (there was some slight flaking of the chrome of the attachment loop, but otherwise pristine) under inspection and during workouts. With the modular design of the rower frame there is a slight “click” as the seat rolls over the mid joint; however this is minor, and for the trade-off of being completely collapsible and able to fit in a carry-on with reassembly taking about 5 minutes? Worth it. All of the handles are sufficiently grippy, the ski handles are smooth but have enough of a flare to prevent any slipping (the SUP paddle has a slight carbon fiber feel and is slippery but still grip-able once my hands get sweaty). The ski accessory works well on a door frame but if not vertically aligned with the Whipr base unit, the cord can oscillate somewhat. Apart from that it’s easy to set up, adjust, and use (I’m looking forward to a wall mounting option) The display has a backlit LCD option and can either cycle through metrics (ie. time, distance, projected, average wattage, etc.) or stay - or by using the app you can see all the metrics all the time. The menu is easy to navigate and adjust (again even easier, but not flawless, with the app). The pump (which anchors the Whipr to a closed door) is also easy to use and sturdy, either on it’s own or with the anchor plate for larger floor to door gaps. I haven’t used the supplied outdoor ground anchor or strap anchor yet. When anchored, even to the rower frame, the Whipr base unit does move slightly, but always feels secure.

Using the Whipr is fun! The resistance dial goes from 1-10 and I’ve found for myself, if I’m using both arms (eg/ rowing or skiing), I will always use max resistance (and the rower doubler). Using one arm (eg/ SUP, canoeing, or the handles) I can more easily feel the nuance between resistance levels. And this makes sense: during both rowing and skiing I can utilize my bodyweight to generate a LOT more power than something like supping. I’m excited to play around with different exercises and accessories, as there are infinite ways to use a Whipr! Again the limitation of the Whipr is that it lacks the resistance of a full sized ERG machine; I find that no matter how hard I row or ski I cannot max my body out or get to my full power (versus a C2 or WaterRower). I estimate the max rower resistance is slightly under a WaterRower or about 3-4 on a C2. Plus at my maximum stroke rate and power, the cable retraction cannot fully keep up with my recovery leading to some inconsistent catch resistances. For most people these factors are negated by simply rowing and skiing longer: when skiing or rowing longer than 500m-1000m, the Whipr is a great home option with one of the smallest footprints I’ve ever seen! For the SUP option, it’s a great full-body and lower core workout! And if my workout is longer than 5 minutes using max resistance will only lead to power dropoff and leakage.

The bottom line is I think the Whipr is a great choice if you’re looking for a portable or home cardio option (ie. 10-20 minute sessions or longer), especially for rowing, skiing, or supping (I didn’t opt for a second unit so I can’t speak to kayaking or “swimming”)! There’s a lot of potential here for a variety of great workouts! However if you are serious about your rowing or ERGing (eg/ crossfit, a background in rowing, etc.) you’d be better off ponying up for a C2; this version will leave you wanting more (but maybe future versions will have more resistance!).

Thanks so much for such a comprehensive review Derrick!