Whipr portable rowing machine

Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine
Whipr portable rowing machine

Whipr portable rowing machine

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Everything you need to row.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Whipr ERG base unit (includes carry case + anchor accessories)
  • 1 x Row accessory


There is no difference in function or performance between color choices. The rowing frames are identical but the base units have unique color features.

Black: base unit has black buttons, side ventilation grills and features. 

Blue: base unit has blue buttons, side ventilation grills and features. 


  • Weight limit: 350lbs
  • Total length: 79" (2m)
  • Total height: 20" (50cm)
  • Track length: 51" (1.29m)
  • Seat height: 8" (20cm) from floor to seat position
  • Catch distance: 15.7" (40cm)
  • Catch height (from rail): 35cm
  • Weight: 12.1kg / 26lb
  • Max supported split time 1:35
  • Not recommended for professional or ‘sprint’ rowing

Recommended Use:

Our equipment is suitable for everyday endurance workouts. The base unit is capable of providing resistance of up to 850 Kn, about the same as full sized rower on a mid resistance setting.

The rower is not designed for maximum strength sprints such as are encouraged in cross-fit style workouts. You won't break it, but may find the resistance lacking.

Our software supports a maximum sustained 500m split time of 1:35.

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We do not collect duties and local taxes for international shipments. Buyer is responsible for paying any applicable taxes or duties to the last mile carrier.

Warranty and return policy

  • Due to our heavy discounts from MSRP all products sold on whipr.com are final sale.
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  • Products that arrive damaged must be rejected by purchaser from the shipping carrier and will be replaced. In the event of product arriving damaged please contact us at https://support.whipr.com

The only portable rowing machine on earth

Say goodby to bulky machines. No matter what other companies may say, a rower is not a piece of furniture.

Rowing machine
Full sized performance, portable package. This mighty machine delivers resistance equivalent to most rowers on a mid-setting, perfect for endurance and cardio training.


Row + Ski Package Deal

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machines are not furniture
Storage friendly / travel ready
As the world's first portable rowing machine we take product design seriously. Putting the rower together takes less than three minutes and requires no tools. Taking it apart is equally as easy.

With a packed weight of 24lbs for the frame and 8lbs for the base unit, there's still plenty of room for clothes in a full sized suitcase without paying an overweight charge at the airport.

SKi & Row

Expand your workout

Add a ski accessory


Onboard ERG Computer

whipr erg computer

vr rowing

Works with HOLOFIT

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Track your progress

whipr bluetooth app



10 levels of ERG resistance
Footplates & Seat
Unique to whipr, each removable foot plate can be independently adjusted. Four locked and one free (locking pin retracted) positions are available to completely customize your preferred rowing or paddling position.

Lock the seat into as many as 30 positions using an easy to use pin adjustment. Adaptive athletes, kayakers, canoe and dragon boat paddlers will appreciate the level of customization available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Ian S.
Love this thing!

Was in a CrossFit gym for over a decade - life happens - now I workout at home in a smaller space this allows me to continue working out the way I love on a much smaller foot print. Not perfect, but I am not complaining - love it!

Functional, Space Saver, Great Value

I love this machine. I received the basic rowing bundle from the initial kickstarter campaign and have purchased almost all accessories since. Everything has been great quality and functions exactly as designed and expected. Does it have the same max resistance that a Concept 2 has? No, but I would not expect it to. This travels with me, switches out to kayak mode in less than a min, breaks down to fit under my bed. I have owned or used almost every type of rowing machine out there, and this is my favorite overall because of it's versatility.

Clarence Jacobs

Fast shipment. Fair ptice

Quality Equipment = Fantastic Workout!

We waited a long time to write this review. Why? Because we wanted to gauge whether this machine would really hold up. Well, after 10 months of regular use, we are happy to report that our Whipr absolutely rocks! We have the row component and my wife and I love it. So much so that we have recommended it to all of our friends and family members. Thank you Whipr for making a fantastic product!

Mark R.
An amazing workout system!

It took a while to receive my whipr, but it was definitely worth the wait. I ordered the row, ski, and paddle combo. While removing it from the box, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship. Set-up is easy and relatively fast. The display is easy to read and use. As a personal trainer, I can’t wait to see what my clients think! I highly recommend the whipr, for all fitness enthusiasts!