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THe worlds only portable ERG

Paddle. Ski. Row.

The worlds only portable multi-functional ERG machine

The whipr ERG system revolutionized the home fitness setup. No longer do you need multiple machines taking up valuable floor-space. Our aim is to get a great workout, then pack it down next to your sneakers.

Watch the video for more.

Works with HOLOFIT

Whipr is fully compatible with HOLOFIT’s Virtual Reality rowing program. All whipr purchases get a free extended trial and yearly discount on subscription.



Paddle, Ski, Row, Kayak, Canoe, Dragon Boat, Swim, Surf and plyo… all in the one session with equipment that fits in a suitcase.

Start with one mode and build your system over time or save big on a multi-mode package.

Either way, whipr is the most affordable and expandable ERG system on the planet.


Whipr is specifically designed with a smaller footprint than bulky full sized machines. Get a full sized workout and pack it down in seconds.

And yes, with the longest part measuring just 28″, our ERG rowing machine fits in a suitcase.