Paddle. Ski. Row.

The world's first 3-in-1 erg machine built for travel & Home gyms
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A game changer

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whipr is the world’s first 3-in-1 paddle, cross country ski and rowing machine specifically designed for travel and home gyms.

We’ve taken three of the most calorie burning, fat shredding and muscle building activities and designed a patent pending machine that you can use literally anywhere.

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With whipr you can:


Stand up paddling is a fun but demanding full body workout that increases flexibility, mobility and all over strength.

ski with whipr

Cross-Country ski

In vertical mode, whipr provides the realistic action of cross country ski poling, developing upper body strength and hardcore cardio.

row with whipr


Forget the gym. Add our rowing accessory to turn whipr into the most portable rowing machine on the planet.


Stand Up Paddling is an intense and fun full body exercise. Our stand up paddle shaft has been developed in collaboration with Black Project SUP, manufacturers of world championship winning paddles and fins. The paddle shaft collapses into 2 pieces (one of which houses the adjustable shaft length) and is length adjustable to suit any height. The pieces are each 17.5" long and will easily fit inside a carry on bag (typical carry on bag height is 22-24").


Cross country and Nordic skiing is one of the most calorie burning sports on the planet. The cross country skiing accessory functions just like the ski ergs you will find in high-end and cross fit gyms. We've built it to be compact and travel easily while retaining full fluid motion. To use the ski attachment simply unfold it, hook it over a door frame, attach the pulley to the whipr base unit hook and start skiing. The cord length is adjustable with a convenient system built into the handles and when you're finished it folds down to just 12" long for easy storage and travel.


Rowing is a time tested, full body intensive activity that is gentle on the joints but you can scale it to be as hard as you like. The rowing accessory is an engineering work of art as it gives the feeling and action of a full sized rower while being extremely compact. It features a 48" track to which a sliding seat is mounted. The track length is suitable for individuals up to 6'8" and is a standard length for full sized machines. The production model track is also designed to eliminate wobble and the foot straps and position are adjustable.

Swim & Surf

Using two base units, whipr can be configured for dry land swim and surf training. Our forthcoming accessory will provide two hand paddles that connect to the base stations to best simulate the hands' pull on water.

Built for travel & easy storage

Get a full sized workout, then store whipr next to your sneakers. Measuring around 6" x 6" (16cm x 16cm) and weighing around 6lbs (2.7 kg) whipr easily fits in your luggage.