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The story of whipr

Paddle. Ski. Row.

What is whipr?

whipr is the world’s only portable multi-sport ERG training machine.

An ‘ERG’ is simply a machine that measures effort. Typically they’re big, bulky and single function machines like a rowing machine or ski-erg.

Our modular system is capable of over 10 training activities, is designed to pack down small for travel or storage and was priced at thousands less than a comparable full sized set-up.

Our story

Whipr launched on Kickstarter in August 2020. It was the 2nd highest funded fitness campaign in history raising over $3.5M from 9,100 backers.

Subsequent pre-orders brought total sales to exceed $5.7 Million. Month over month growth averaged double digit percentages when Whipr, Inc. held its first public raise in September 2021. the round raised $1.35 Million setting the company valuation at $19.95M.

In June 2021, after 3 months of delays caused by supply shortages during COVID, Whipr, inc. shipped 21 containers of merchandise to distributors in Hong Kong to fulfill over 12,000 orders.

Shipping times and costs were heavily affected by the subsequent shipping crisis caused by COVID. Order delivery windows went from 1-2 months to 8-12 months with many of the containers spending 3+ months at various worldwide ports awaiting processing.

The cost of shipping ballooned by up to 10x resulting in an expense overage liability far exceeding the companies available cash reserves.

Attempts were made to resolve the debt including equity deals with the shipping company, new funding rounds, sale of the company and new management being brought in.

Despite this, in February 2023 it was determined the expenses caused by overages in shipping and material costs combined with slowed sales, building debt, and reduced consumer confidence rendered the company non-viable with no clear path ahead. Whipr, Inc. was dissolved and all inventory was liquidated.

In the end Whipr, Inc. sold over $8M in product and delivered more than 14,000 orders before being closed down.

Whipr products are no longer available through this website although they may be found via third party vendors.